In Detail: F1 2.4l V8 Exhaust Specification


Exhaust pipes remain one of the last bastions of hand fabricated metallic parts on an F1 (along with radiators).  While we can all marvel at the metal shaping and immaculate welding, the exhaust is also a key tuning aids for the engine and highly influential on aerodynamics too.  So here’s a quick dive into some of the unseen technicalities and details of the F1 exhaust from the normally aspirated V8 era.

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F1 Planks


It’s been a source of many a joke, that High Tech F1 cars run with a piece of wood bolted underneath them.  The plank as it’s known by the regulations, is in fact a bit cleverer than a mere piece of wood.  Its aim to prevent excessively low ground clearance in the wake of Senna’s 1994 crash has been challenged by the designers and now teams regularly run the tip of the plank along the ground.

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In Detail: Sauber C31 Rear Suspension mounting clevis


Sometimes the level of engineering in F1 is best described by the smaller simpler parts, an example of this is the humble suspension mounting.  This part being the point where the wishbone meets the gearbox to allow the suspension arm to pivot around it spherical bearing.  This example is a 2012 Sauber C31 rear wishbone mounting clevis, but is typical of several similar clevises in my collection of F1 parts, albeit they appear to get a little more sophisticated in shape each year.

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In Detail: Sauber Rear Suspension Pull Rod Rocker


As F1 shifted from push rod rear suspension to pull rod, the packaging of the various compliant elements pivoting on it became more complex too.  Here we can analyse in depth the lower section of a Sauber C30-C31 rear pull rod rocker from 2011-2012.  This part pivots in a subframe mounted inside the gearbox, to operate the side springs\dampers, heave spring\dampers and anti roll bar.

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In Detail: Red Bull Pankl Steering Joint


It’s common for teams to buy in certain parts from third party manufacturers, these can either be manufactured to the team’s design or from the manufacturers.  One example is the steering universal joint (UJ), a recent acquisition to my collection of F1 hardware is a Pankl part used by Red Bull Racing.  The steering joint allows the high mounted steering column angle down to the steering rack, whilst still allowing smooth rotational movement of the steering column.  Continue reading

In Detail: TWR Arrows 1997 Set Up Sheets


Set up sheets have always fascinated me, they are the document used to list the hardware and set up to be used on a racecar, before its dispatched from the factory.  My latest acquisition has been three Arrows set up sheets from 1997, covering three separate tests with three different drivers at two different tracks within the space of four months.  It gives us insight what is included in the set up sheet, the actual set up differences and provides of a story of the team’s year.

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