F1 Power Steering Rack

WF1-Rack- (7)

Much like the shift in road car steering, F1 steering is now power assisted, with the hydraulic power steering rack now has been standard for many years.  Integrated as part of the cars high power hydraulic system, the rack is an essential part of the cars set up.  Without it the current suspension geometry at the upright would be impossible to steer without power assistance.  Like all F1 hydraulic solutions, the rack is a simple solution, made possible by finely engineered details.

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Project Controller: Using a Car as a Games Controller!


Back in November I was invited to Sweden to see a unique project, where Nissan Sweden have sought to turn an entire car into a games controller with their leftfield ‘Project Controller’. They have connected a Nissan Qashqai to a Sony Playstation4 in order to play football games via the steering wheel and pedals. With their lab set up the game is easily played with steering to direct the players, the pedals to kick and the steering buttons for other functions. The key to the trick is how they have hacked into both the car and games console, without wrecking either of them.

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