2014 Analysis: Stepped chassis


If the nose tip regulations have caught everyone’s attentions, probably just as influential but hidden is the front bulkhead regulation. For 2014 the front A-A bulkhead is placed some 100 lower, down to 525mm form 625m. As the bulkhead is a fixed external cross section, this created an unavoidable obstruction for the airflow passing under the raised chassis.

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F1 2014: Finger Noses

Why do 2014 F1 cars have finger noses?

A key feature of most of the 2014 cars will be an odd shaped proboscis sticking out from the nose. This isn’t a new aero trick in its right, but simply a reaction to some badly written rules. Albeit rules were written in good faith to introduce anew safety measure, these ‘finger’ noses are likely to figure a lot in the early season as fans get used to their odd design. Here I explain why these designs have become necessary.

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