Tyre Squirt and Tyre Squirt Slots Explained

TSqS- (1)

The unwanted effect of airflow being diverted by the rear tyre under the floor has been understood for some time. The trend towards needing a lower Lift\Drag ratio and higher rear ride height has brought this issue into greater focus in the past seven years. Last season saw the slots used to offset this effect, known as tyre squirt, grow increasingly in significance and number.

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W-Duct: FIA move to ban wastegate based Drag Reduction Devices

It’s been discovered the FIA have issued a Technical Directive in response to a team’s request for clarification on potential exhaust aero interaction with the 2016 exhaust tailpipe rules.
In September last year, the FIA confirmed the change in the exhaust tailpipe regulations that separates the pipework for the wastegate\s from the turbo. This move was made in order to add to the sound, previously muted by having both devices blowing through the same tailpipe. To prevent any obvious aero trickery with blown effects from the extra tailpipe\s, the rules fix the pipe’s exit in the same area as the current tailpipe. However, opening up the exhaust outlets could still bring some potential exhaust interaction with the aero, along the lines of the F-Duct or Drag Reduction Duct. This new FIA TD bans any interaction between the exhausts and fluidic switches.

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