Marussia Coanda Duct – 3D Printed Titanium

Coanda- (5)

Since 2010 this blog has covered a lot about exhaust blown Diffuser (EBD) technology, especially in the latter years when it was allowed in F1, with the use of the Coanda effect.  Now three years on, some of the manufacturing processes that allowed such rapid development of EBD’s can be revealed, especially with the use of 3D printed titanium parts.  Here we have a printed titanium coanda duct from the Marussia Team.

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Marussia: Exhaust/Sidepod Development

Marussia have not introduced any large upgrades so far this season. In season development being just small iterations of front wing and cascade design. For Silverstone the team have produced what Team Principal John booth called “our first proper wind-tunnel generated upgrade”. This being a reference to the new Technical team’s focus away from CFD only development. Booth also identified the upgrades as consisting of “new rear wing, exhausts, floor and side pods”.

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