7 thoughts on “InDetail: Red Bull RB9 at Monza

  1. Hi Scarbs,

    From your close up encounters with the Red Bull have you seen zany thing to suggest they may be using thermoplastics and intelligent materials the deform and change shape at set temperatures to create flexible body work/floors. Therefore legal under scrutineering but flexing when driven? Would’ve Avery clever move if they have managed it!

    • I’ve no reason to believe they do this. I can’t see a reason to do it either, seeing the amount of rake\high rear height they have.

  2. Are they cooling the brakes after a run or heating them before their next run? Is this a method to heat the tires using the heated brakes and surrounding material?

    • They are heating the hub and brakes. This maintains a more consistent temperature when going out on track. yes, it will also have an affect on tyre temps

  3. A composite laminate constructed using thermoplastic material, as opposed to conventional thermoset materials, would not be able to perform in the manner described. The stiffness of composite laminates is mostly a function of the fiber properties, and not the matrix (resin) properties.

    It would also require substantial amounts of heat energy to heat a large composite structure made from thermoplastic material to its Tg point where it will permanently deform. And once deformed, it will not return to its original shape on its own.

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