11 thoughts on “First details of 2014 noses emerge

  1. Depending on what channel a race in aired on, that may have to be blurred out. I have a feeling the regulations will be altered, but that may even take a season or more. They could mandate a taper or something. That may just be wishful thinking

  2. The rule should be re-written. The tip of the nose should be a singular point X from the ground with tyres on. That same coordinate must be Y forward of wheel center viewed from above. Then the FIA should implement a “legality structure” like NASCAR uses. This would be a straight non-bending structure as wide as the space between the front tyres. It would mount to a notch installed at a standard height on every car (somewhere between the top and the bottom of the roll hoop). The legality structure should then be required to touch the tip of the nose. If it does not, the design is illegal. I think this would solve the ugly hook and step noses and also reduce the amount of aero being gathered underneath such high bulkeads.

  3. guys this is not to bad!to me it looks like mclaren 2007 car!! i think if thats the case then mclaren and ferraris shud understand the caracteristics of 2014 cars. becaouse they both had a very low nose..

  4. “Blurred out.” Perfectly said. My first thought: Now it gets really weird if Vettel continues to give his cars female names. Second thought: Remember 1997 Jordan nose design? Maybe such shapes open new sponsoring opportunities for some rubber brands? And I’m not talking about tires here;-)

  5. What’s the next reg change? Add wider side pods and wheel covers to the rear tires? There you have yourself something resembling more of an Indy Car than a Formula 1 machine.

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