Sport Bild: RB10 Prediction

I did this preview of what I think a Red Bull RB10 might look like in 2014. The article is in German, but the can easily translated online. the online article is available here and was available in print in Sport Bild (27th Nov) and Auto Bild Motorsport (29th Nov).

6 thoughts on “Sport Bild: RB10 Prediction

  1. What are the regulations regarding bodywork behind the exhaust exit? I thought we weren’t going to be seeing monkey seats next year?

    • What were the Y75 winglet (monkey seat) rules, remain in the regs. Although they have been edited to allow a wider winglet up 50mm to 200mm wide, to allow for the exhaust to pass through (technically its now a Y100 winglet!). The exhaust regs prevent the monkey seat sitting in the path of the exhaust outlet. This is effectively an exclusion tunnel +30mm in diameter from the exhaust pipe axis. So you can fit a monkey seat above, below or to the side of the exhaust, you can even make a 20cm wide winglet and drill a 13-16cm hole through it!

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