F1 Pitlane Camera Tech

An odd bit of tech has been appearing in the pitlane this season. Although not new to F1, the past few races have had a FOM pitlane camera running on cables over the pitlane. This appears to be the same rig used at every race, which is good news for future races, with the great pitlane and pit straight images it gives us. HU_pitcam1

The camera trolley is mounted on cables, rigged between two tall aluminium towers each end of the pitlane.


the trolley appears to have its own microphone (grey furry cover visible on front of trolley)  and a small aerial.


The camera is then slung below on an articulated arm.  The arm’s control motors appear to be very fast reacting, as the camera pans along the straight and has to flick quickly between rearward and forward facing.


The trolley runs on wheels, with an idler below to keep it in contact with the cables.


Although the motive power comes from a large electrical motor on the bottom of the first tower.


In the wet the camera has a rain jacket, which was seen at Silverstone .

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