F1 Tyre Fitting Process

Each GP, Pirelli technicians fit hundreds of tyres to wheels.  The process they use is very similar to your road car tyres being fitted, only very much faster!

Teams deliver their wheels and tyre requests to Pirelli.  The wheels are matched to the tyres ready for the fitters to start work.


The wheel is put onto the machine and clamped down



Next lubricant applied to both beads (inside edges of the rim)



Then more lubricant applied the beads on the tyre



The tyre is offered up to the wheel



and slips over by hand.  Racecar tyre constructions are usefully softer than road cars, so no assistance is needed for this.



A hand tool pulls the other bead over the rim, again very little effort is needed



The wheel is passed over the next station, where it is clamped to the bench and inflated to seat the bead on the rim.



For several minutes the tyre stays on the air line, as the ambient air is purged by the gas used for tyre filling.



On to the next station and the wheel\tyre is balanced, weights are applied to the inner and outer faces of the rim, to balance the tyre.



Final inspection and a clean up of excess lubricant



then the tyre is placed on the teams trolley ready for the GP weekend

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