Jordan Throttle Pedal


This is a just a quick post taking a brief look at a mid-nineties F1 throttle pedal, this particular pedal is a Jordan part and made in carbon fibre.

By the time this pedal was used fly by wire throttle operation was commonly in use, so the pedal’s function is only to allow the driver to demand engine power\torque via a Linear sensor attached between it and the chassis. Weighing in at less than 100g, the part clearly isn’t subject to heavy loading, so the return spring on the sensor was relatively light, compared to the spring\damper return set ups on modern F1 cars, which in turn demand a far stronger pedal construction.


The pedal is short at just 22mm high and quite narrow, this was still a time when many drivers braked with the right foot and a clutch pedal was still required.  So a classic narrow throttle pedal was needed to make space inside the narrow footwell.  Current pedals are far taller and enclosed the drivers foot as they will not move their foot from one pedal to another. Also noticeable is the elegant arch to the pedal, this is used to clear the brake bias adjustment cable, with passes through the arch to get to the bias bar in the brake pedal.

From what I can see the pedal is a hollow structure, with no foam\honeycomb sandwiching the void inside. The part is made in female moulds, the deeper right side of the pedal being enclosed with a shallower left side, the split line is evident in the attached drawing.

There’s no obvious wear to the pedal nor any grip tape on its working surface, so I imagine this part hasn’t been used, its only markings are a hand engraved “No 6” on its side.

Link to a scale PDF drawing of the ThrottlePedal