How to Make a Battery an F1 Battery

F1 cars still carry batteries other than the ERS Energy Store, while the tech in the ERS is top secret and hi tech, there is lesser battery tech under the skin of the car.  Two other batteries are hidden away fulfilling critical roles, although their tech and installation is far from the cutting edge seen in the energy store.


12V battery


Despite a huge ERS battery sat in the car, there remains a conventional 12v battery to support the car’s systems when the motor isn’t running.  Even pre-ERS this battery was a Li-Ion cell type tucked away within the sidepod.  Typically, this is a motorsport specific Li-Ion type from a number of common suppliers (Varley, Braille), but this Marussia technical drawing shows how the unit is ‘dressed up’ to suit an F1 installation.  The basic battery has a carbon moulding bonded over it, with a Military-style multi-pin motorsport connector to join it to the car’s electrical system.  This carbon lid hides the permanent cabling connecting the battery terminals to the connector.


9V Battery


From your digital kitchen scales, toy remote controls and smoke alarms, the aged 9V cell with its clip on connectors is an unlikely F1 part, but every car carries one and is fundamental to the car and driver’s safety.  Unseen, the 9v Cell is part of the car’s fire extinguisher system, fitted in case the electrical system fails to provide the system with enough energy to set off the extinguisher.  The positive terminal connection and voltage of the humble 9v cell is ideal for this situation, so everyone can now say they have F1 technology in their house!