McLaren: Jerez Developments

Continuing their fight back from the MP4-24, McLaren are working hard with the aggressive looking MP4-25.  Several aero tests were run during the last test, with some new details becoming apparent.  

Their 2009 public testing of flow vis, the fluorescent paint used for surface flow visualisation, was unheard by the average fan before last year.  Although this is in fact a common practice for teams.  Used mainly in straight-line testing, but it has even been used in public testing.

Also using arrays of pressure taps is another common aero testing tool made public by McLaren last year.  Again this year McLaren have used these tools in recent tests, the flow-vis being tried several times and the pressure taps early one morning in last weeks tests.  

These are not necessarily the sign of a problem, as the tests are aimed at proving the simulation results (wind tunnel or CFD) are borne out on track.  

Another tool commonly used and rarely seen are the tyre temperature sensors used in testing and often in Friday practice.  McLaren have long since used tiny infrared cameras to measure the temperature signature across the full width of the tyre.  In previous years these have been fitted in pods to the side of the cockpit or to the rear floor of the car.  Now the cameras are so small land their range sufficient that McLaren fit theirs inside the wing mirror shells, pointing to each front tyre.

Small infrared cameras in the mirrors measure the temperature accross the full tread of the tyre

Details of IR cameras used in motorsport can be found at

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