Schumachers Seat: Getting Comfortable

Schumachers Seat: the pipes are for air bladders to pad out his seat

During qualifying we saw Michael Schumachers seat being refitted.  Rather than the simple carbon fibre moulding we normally see, the Mercedes seat also had six lines leading from connectors at the top edge of the seat.  These are in fact air pipes, leading to inflatable cushions.  Not a sign of Schumachers age, as this is a similar set up he also used at Ferrari.  Schumacher like to to be well fitted into his seat, so the inflatable solution allows the engineers to connect an air line to each of the valves at the top of the seat, to inflate the pads to suit Schumachers  requirements.  There are six pads; around the shoulder, hips and thigh, although only the right side of the seat has four pads, leaving just two on the other side.

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