Audi R18 – Contemporary LMP Tech


Audi have just launched their latest LMP car to contest the Le Mans 24h, Now with a downsized V6 turbodiesel the chassis has been given a closed cockpit.   The chassis exploits both current thinkign and some innovations.  I’ll soon add more detail to this article, for now I just wanted to post the pictures, each with as simple summary

R18 - front diffuser


R18 - Diffuser flow out through gap between chassis and wheelpod


R18 Tail fin - working with the chamfered underfloor, the fin creates high pressure above the car to prevent blowovers when the car's sideways


R18 wing pillar, the pillar forms a structural end to the tail fin, it's swan-necked to fre the underside of the wing from obstructions


R18 two part doors - following Peugeots lead, the doors are split to meet the FIA template, only the top half is normally opened


R18 front vanes - in order to maintain flow 'through' the car and still obscure the mechanical parts, these vanes are used


R18 wheelpods - pressure build up in the wheel arches creates lift, venting the arch helps creates downforce, the size of the upper vented openings are constrained by the rules

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