FOTA Fans forum: Technical Openness

At the FOTA Fans Forum, which was held the McLaren Technical Centre (MCT) in the UK last Thursday, one of the sections was on the technical side of the sport. It was refreshing to hear these people admit that F1 needs to open up more on the technical side. As the sport and the cars are so fascinating technically and not just mobile billboards for the Marketing departments. Their comments (below) echo what I have found when talking to the teams designers and technical directors, even people at the lower level of the technical want to get more of the technical message out to fans. However at some point the the paranoia of secrecy and the apparent unwillingness of the Teams PR depts, do not always allow journalists access to these people.

These technical directors were posed the question if more Technical information should be released to the fans?

Paul Monaghan, Red Bull
“We’ve got to be prepared to open up, there are probably some commercial difficulties to overcome, but in terms of making more available, I think it would be good to do so”

Paddy Lowe, McLaren
“What’s fantastic about about the fan base of F1 is that its generally a very technical audience. that sets you apart from the football fan lets say. you understand, and you want to understand, technology and we want to keep feeding that”

James Alison, Renault
“There is so much all the teams do that is more or less the same. All of us could talk about the technical detail without betraying any particular secrets of our particular team because we’d just be revealing things that go on in the sport that are interesting, which we’re all doing.”

More on the FOTA Fans Forum via James Allens website

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