Blog Update: More posts coming soon

I just wanted to post a quick update about the blog. You will have noticed I’ve not posted any new articles since the McLaren launch, meanwhile my work is appearing in other places.

I’ve been lucky to have my work published in several places this year, being the most notable one, but also several magazines including Motorsport, Racecar Engineering and Autosport (Japan).

As my Autosport articles appear in the Autosport ‘Plus’ section, which is the subscribers section, many of you have voiced concern my work will again disappear behind a paywall. I hope my work does appear more regularly in, but this will not be the alternative to my blog.

I have not forgotten the blog. My published work along with the video clips recorded for ‘The Flying Lap’, numerous tweets and the day job, mean I am simply struggling to find time to complete the words and in particular the illustrations for the blog. I have all the cars analysis coming over the next few days, plus some specific features on the trends we’ve seen so far on the new cars.

Thanks for your patience, normal service will resumed shortly.


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