Marussia: Silverstone Nose and Rear Wing

Marussia not only had the revised exhaust\sidepods for Silverstone, but the nose of the car also came in for revisions. These changes comprised a chin section being added under the nose, revised turning vanes and a new rear wing.

The revised nose cone, appears to retain the structure of the old nose, but an aerodynamic fairing being added to the underside. This chin section is formed just behind the trailing edge of the centre front wing section. This solution has previously been adopted by Williams and Force India, it aims to create some downforce from the neutral wing section. Aiding this process is the positioning of the FOM camera pods between the front wing mounting pylons. With all of these changes, the front wing itself appears to be the same specification as run in previous races.

The nose now also sports hanging turning vanes, up until now the vanes were the curved Red Bull style vanes hanging below the front suspension. This change seems to be going in the opposite direction to other teams who are dropping the hanging vanes and going for the rounded vanes.

At the back of the car, the rear wing has been updated. The two elements are now slightly tapered, with the flap being slightly shorter in the middle and the main plane correspondingly longer.


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