Win a tour of the Red Bull F1 Factory

The Competition is now closed, The Correct answers are Goldie and Kate Spaughton

Congratulations to Norm Kwong for winning the prize

Tours of F1 factories are hard to come by, so its fantastic that Red Bull’s twitter alter ego @RedBullF1Spy has offered ScarbsF1′s readers a tour of the top secret Red Bull factory to promote their New IPhone\IPad app. The prize is a tour for two around the factory in Milton Keynes, UK on 16th October at 11am, even lunch is included at the end of the tour.

@RedBullF1Spy is going to be following Mark Webber around for the whole Belgian race weekend, so they have blurred two pictures of him.  You’ll need to download the Red Bull Racing Spy app here (ITunes link) , the Red Bull Racing Spy will be releasing the unblurred pictures in his app on Monday and Wednesday in the lead up to the Belgian Grand Prix…so keep an eye on him to win!  If you correctly guess who the missing people are, you are in with the chance to win the tour.

Picture1: Who is this with Mark Webber?

Picture2: Who is this with Mark Webber?

To enter you will need to mail me ( with who you think is the missing people are in Picture1 and Picture2.  I will release the answers and pick the winner from the hat before the Belgian GP on Sunday.

About the App

For us Technical minded fans the the App features exclusive Podcast interviews with technical staff such as Adrian Newey and Rob Marshal. Plus a lot more besides:  The @RedBullF1Spy App will be bringing a range of F1 knowledge, driver facts and tasty gossip direct to your device. If you want to know what’s going on in the Paddock, in the pitlane or on the track, then you need this app. Bought to you by current F1 world champions’ man on the inside, this app gives you everything, from results to parties, from behind the scenes pictures to gossip. 

Available for IPad\IPhone


Even @Aussiegrit has tried it!

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