2014 Rules: First Look



The latest version of the 2014 Technical Regulations have been posted on the FIA¬†website.¬† Here’s my first view of how the new cars may look. I’ll post a more in depth review of the regulations, but here’s a summary:

  • Front wing reduced front 1800mm to 1650mm wide
  • Nose tip centered at 185mm high
  • Front Bulkhead maximum height 525
  • Chassis height maximum 625mm
  • Vanity panels still allowed
  • Engines now 1.6l V6 turbo, Direct injection, fuel flow limited, 15k max RPM
  • Energy Recovery systems to add +150hp from Kinetic and Turbo harvesting
  • Race Fuel limited to 100kg
  • Gearboxes to have 8 forward ratios, those ratios are fixed for the season
  • Single central exhaust pipe exiting 17-18.5cm behind rear axle line and 300-525mm high
  • Last 150mm of tail pipe must point 5 degrees upwards
  • No bodywork behind the tail pipe axis
  • No lower beam wing
  • Space still allowed for Y75 winglet (monkey seat)
  • Top rear wing a little shallower
  • Minimum weight 690Kg


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