About ScarbsF1

My name is Craig Scarborough, I’m a freelance journalist\illustrator who focuses solely on the Technology of F1.

I have followed the sport since the late seventies and have covered F1′s technical developments since 2000.

Although I am not a permanently accredited member of the F1 media, I attend tests, launches and some races. I am in touch with the teams, their Technical Directors\Designers and a whole host of other engineers related to the sport. In terms of in depth technical knowledge, illustration and photography, I have few peers.

My work has been published on the Web, in Print and on TV. My work has been mentioned during BBC F1 broadcasts and copied by less scrupulous journalists.

I manage this Blog and my Twitter feed on a part time basis, as I continue to hold down a full time job outside of F1. In my efforts to move into a full time role in F1 media, I am seeking additional publishers for my work.


Twitter: @ScarbsF1

Webcast: TheFlyingLap.com with Peter Windsor

F1Racing magazine
Motorsport Magazine
Racecar Engineering Magazine
RaceTech Magazine
Race Engine Technology Magazine
F1 Race Technology Magazine
F1i magazine
Clubs1 Magazine

Tv: Shanghai TV

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