About ScarbsF1

ScarbsF1 is the work of Craig Scarborough.  I use this blog as an outlet for my interest in Technology as applied to F1 cars, but I will also expand this scope of the blog to include the technical side of other modes of transport too.

Having started a F1 technical blog around 2000, I have covered the developments in Formula1 for fifteen years.  In that time I have been able to expand my role to now be a full time journalist\illustrator\broadcaster.  Being an FIA accredited journalist I attend most GPs, tests and launches.

The core of my work is published through a number of; magazines, websites and TV channels.  Thus much of my time is taken up with Commercial work and the blog is not my first outlet to publish breaking news on developments within F1.  However, I continue to frequently post tech snippets to @ScarbsF1 on twitter (twitter.com/scarbsf1).  This should be your first port of call for my observations over race weekends and comments on breaking technical news.

I will now start to expand the use of this blog, to more lengthy F1 tech stories, too long for twitter and not already published through my commercial outlets.  Additionally I will include technical posts on related areas of road and race vehicle technology, including cars, bikes and land speed record attempts, plus the expanding world of high performance Electrical Vehicles (EV’s).


Twitter: @ScarbsF1

beIN Sports (Arabic)
SkyF1 (UK)
SKY.de (Germany)

TheRacer’sEdge #TRE Youtube.com channel with Peter Windsor

Autosport Magazine
F1Racing magazine
Motorsport Magazine
RaceTech Magazine
Racecar Engineering Magazine
Race Engine Technology Magazine
F1 Race Technology Magazine
Road & Track Magazines (USA)
Autosport Magazine (Japan)
Sport Bild – Auto Bild Motorsport (Germany)
F1 Official Race Programmes


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