Analysis: 2013 F1 Rules and Trends


With far reaching regulation changes coming onto the sport in 2014, the 2013 season is likely to be a year of consolidation, as few changes have been are written into this year’s rule book. So teams will be expected to optimise their designs from last year, correcting mistakes and adopting some of the better ideas of their rivals.
Some rules will have a small effect of car design and some trends from last year will be more common place. Unusually there have been few leaks or well-founded rumours circulating in the off season. This is probably as teams are expending a huge amount of resources in finding big gains for just one year’s competition, instead focussing on plans for 2014.

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Analysis: Red Bull DDRS

It’s rare a technical development passes without anyone noticing and of all teams its surprising Red Bull pulled off that trick in the past few races. As they were seen to have a Mercedes-like Double DRS (DDRS) system in use in Japan. It transpires the system was track tested in practice at Monza and raced in Singapore. Part of the secret of the Red Bull DDRS is that the system is wholly contained within the rear wing. Only the plate over the end of the rear wing flap gave away the systems existence. With this system Red Bull are able to shed even more drag when DRS is open, thus giving them a top speed advantage in qualifying and when DRS can be used in the race.
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2013\14 Technical Regulation Changes

Having been discussed amongst the Technical working group for some time, the 2013 Technical regulations have now been published, with a just couple of small updates. The first being the option to fit a simple panel over the stepped nose for aesthetic reasons, the second being the banning of DRS having a secondary effect, as with the Mercedes Double DRS system.
These will not be changes that will unduly effect the development of the2013 cars, which are already well underway, but the former change will make the cars look a little different.
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