InDetail: Clutch Slave Cylinder


Every time an F1 car comes to a halt or pulls away, the clutch needs to be operated.  In an F1 car this is not cable operated, but controlled by the cars high pressure hydraulic control system.  Converting the drivers demand for clutch movement into motion at the clutch spring is the Clutch slave cylinder.  With an outwardly simply task to accomplish, the unit hides a lot of complexity.

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InDetail: The F1 Clutch

Clutch_in_handAn F1 clutch is a tiny piece of engineering that completes an amazing job of transmitting the 800+ horsepower from the powertrain through the gearbox. Weighing less than 1.3kg and just 97mm in diameter, the tiny clutch is tortured every time the car pulls away at; race starts, pit stops and leaving the garage. Here we can have a close look at contemporary Clutch technology with this AP Racing clutch.

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