Video: The Racer’s Edge – Silverstone

Streamed live on Jun 27, 2013
The first of a special live double-header from the British Grand Prix at Silverstone from the Abu Dhabi/F1 Racing Fan Village near Becketts corner, where over 12,000 people are camping for the weekend. All the usual TRE guest stars will be on the panel, including Craig Scarborough (analysing the F1 tech developments since the Canadian GP), Rob Wilson (F1/GP2GP3 driver coach), Anthony Rowlinson (Editor, F1 Racing magazine) and Richard Cregan, CEO of Yas Marina Circuit and the former Toyota F1 Team Manager, and special guest Sam Bird, winner of the Monaco GP2 feature race this year and Third Driver for AMG MercedesF1. Together with Scarbs (and a Mercedes F1 steering wheel) Sam will be talking us through an F1 start procedure, right down to the smallest detail.

Autosport: The Art of the Start

I am now also contributing regularly to AUTOSPORT. Every GP I will post a Tech Blog on AUTOSPORT-PLUS, which is a subscription page (or pay per view).
In this weeks AUTOSPORT Magazine I have a double page spread on the Technology around the F1 cars’ Transmission and how its involved in the start process. You can buy a print issue of AUTOSPORT in the UK, or you can again get a digital copy by subscribing or pay per view at the DIGITAL AUTOSPORT Website


Analysis: Coanda Exhausts

When the 2012 Technical regulations were published last year the biggest change was around the exhaust position. Since 2010 when Red Bull reintroduced the exhaust blown diffuser (EBD), teams had progressively lowered their exhaust outlets and pointed them at the diffuser to gain additional aerodynamic effect. For 2012 the exhaust position was mandated into a higher position with the exhaust tailpipe pointed upwards. On paper the rules appeared to prevent any exhaust effect on the diffuser. However two aerodynamic effects have been adopted to direct the exhaust plume downwards and recreate some of the blown diffuser effect; Coanda and Downwash. Although initially different teams adopted different solutions and differing amounts of these two effects. McLaren found a way of shaping the sidepod and exhaust fairing to use these effects, which were then able to consistently direct the exhaust plume at the gap between the diffuser and rear tyre. McLaren’s exhaust\sidepod solution has proven to be the most widely adopted and has been termed a ‘Coanda’ exhaust by the media. Even though it’s arguably an inaccurate term, as the downwash effect is probably greater than the Coanda effect in comparison to other sidepod shapes, such as Sauber’s or Red Bull’s.

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Competition: Win a Signed Mark Webber Cap with the Red Bull F1 Spy App

Congratulations to Serene Tan for winning the prize and to all of you for getting the answer correct.


Red Bull Racing brings a range of F1 knowledge, driver facts and tasty gossip direct to your phone in the run up to the Japan Grand Prix. If you want to know what’s going on in the Paddock, in the pitlane or on the track, then you need this free app. Bought to you by current F1 world champions’ man on the inside (knowingly dubbed the ‘Red Bull Racing Spy’) this app gives you everything, from results to parties, and behind the scenes pictures to gossip.

The Red Bull Racing Spy, who already has a following on Twitter, brings you closer to the real action in Formula One. The app is essential for any F1 fan who wants a little more information than the average spectator and who secretly loves a bit of grand prix gossip. If the Spy misses something out, you get the chance to quiz him; ask anything F1 related or lay down a challenge and see the responses in the feed.

As well as all the unique features, the Red Bull Racing Spy also brings you the information that you’d expect from any self-respecting F1 app including lap by lap track positioning, race specific facts and figures, driver and constructor championship standing and a full race calendar.

To celebrate, we’re giving one lucky F1 fan the chance to win a Red Bull Racing cap signed by Mark Webber himself, along with an official Red Bull Racing t-shirt. To enter, you simply need to download the app here to find the answer to this question:


HHonors Race Reporter: Getting an F1 Team to Singapore

The 2012 season now ends with a string on seven flyaway races in; Asia, America and the Middle East.  Even before this in this eleven week period kicks off, the Logistics team at McLaren are planning to ensure that everything needed gets to the circuit and is set up on time.  To understand this huge and complicated task we spoke to McLaren’s Race Team Support Team Leader, Mark Baker.

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Singapore GP: Race Reporter Weekend with Hilton HHonors

I’m very lucky to have been chosen as the Hilton HHonors Race Reporter for the Singapore GP. I’ll be helping out HHonors, the Vodafone McLaren Sponsor to report on the GP. I’ve already visited the McLaren Technology Centre and will post a report on that soon. Next I’ll be travelling to Singapore for a weekend of exclusive behind the scenes access into McLaren, the F1 Paddock and anything else that goes on at the night time GP.
So for the next week my blog will be focused on the trip and the insight I will gain over the course of the Singapore GP weekend. Although, I will continue reporting on the technical developments on the cars.

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