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All articles in this Blog are the Copyright of Craig Scarborough. Therefore all illustrations and writing, unless otherwise credited are my own work and not for reproduction.

This blog seeks to educate fans interested in the technology of F1 and to showcase my work. As I have eventual aim to make a full time living from covering this sport.

Although I do this blog and tweets as a free service, this blog isn’t a free resource for commercial publications. You must not cut&paste text or to grab my illustrations to reproduce them in your Magazine or Website without permission, credit or payment. It certainly isn’t to be reproduced without first contacting myself.

Two recent examples

Seven of my drawings printed a BelgianFrench F1 magazine.

The text of an article Cut&Pasted into a F1 E-magazine

In both cases, these are commercial publications, which did not contact me at any point, did not credit my name or blog as the source and have not paid me for the use of my material. I am in contact with both these publications to rectify the situation.

I will blog the full details of anyone infringing my copyright. You have been warned.

Any followers of ScarbsF1, who see my work unannounced in print or web, please advise me.

Thanks Scarbs

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