F1 2014: Finger Noses

Why do 2014 F1 cars have finger noses?

A key feature of most of the 2014 cars will be an odd shaped proboscis sticking out from the nose. This isn’t a new aero trick in its right, but simply a reaction to some badly written rules. Albeit rules were written in good faith to introduce anew safety measure, these ‘finger’ noses are likely to figure a lot in the early season as fans get used to their odd design. Here I explain why these designs have become necessary.

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Toro Rosso Factory Tour – Video & Images

Toro Rosso have released a youtube video of a complete factory tour.  Both informative and in depth, the video shows us some detail of the car we do not usually get to see.

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Win an AMG driving experience with the new Mercedes E63 AMG


Mercedes-Benz is launching ‘#SoundWithPower’, two online films that explore the relationship between sound and emotion; the unique feeling that an AMG evokes when started.
The #SoundWithPower films consists of a documentary style interview featuring Mercedes DTM race driver Gary Paffett. Whose additionally a test and reserve driver for McLaren Mercedes. Gary shares anecdotes about his time behind the wheel and reveals exclusive insight into his addiction to racing and describes the stir of emotion when the engine ignites.

Congratulations to Ben Fowler who wins the driving experience!


To celebrate the launch of the video we are giving away an AMG driving experience at Mercedes Benz World at the famous Brooklands in Surrey, England.

All you need to do is watch the video and finish Gary’s sentence:

The sound of racing is:
a) Exciting
b) Exhilarating
c) Addictive

Mail your response to Scarbs@Scarbsf1.com with the subject line ‘Sound With Power’, The competition closes at 12pm on Monday 28th Oct 2013.

Analysis: Red Bull’s Hot T-Tray in Korea

Image via Formula1.com – There is a heat signature showing on the front of the T-Tray (right)

With the FOM world TV feed now using on-board Infrared (IR) cameras, it’s been interesting to see how the tyres temperature changes around the lap. But in Korea we were treated to a rear facing IR camera on Mark Webber’s car that showed the front of the T-Tray splitter warming up and staying hot around the lap. This image helps to highlight both the cars set up and the construction of the car around the front of the T-Tray. Many fans jumped to the conclusion it’s the plank itself running hot under the car, but it is in fact the titanium skid blocks conducting heat through to the floor mount.

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